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Cigarette Advertisement Comparison

            Have you ever wondered why companies decide on what to use for advertising? It seems like sometimes the advertisements speak directly to me. Ads seem to be focused on a specific group of people. What do companies used to speak to direct groups? How do they know what to use? The purpose of this investigation is to show how times have changed with ads for tobacco products and the audience that the company is after. The first ad was a Camel Cigarettes from the 1950s. There was a middle aged man wearing a white doctor's coat sitting at a desk. He is smoking. If you look over the doctor's right shoulder you can see what seems to be his degree posted on the wall. Behind his left shoulder it appears to be a medical supplies cabinet. Then there are words in all capital letters wrote over top of the ad saying "More Doctors Smoke Calls," then in all lower case letters it says 'than any other cigarette'.
             The next ad I chose is a current ad for camel cigarettes. The current camel cigarette ad has a black background with a faint paisley flower design in pink. There are two solid pink vertical strips down the left side of the ad. There are two packs of camels one pack is outlined in pink and the other is out lined in teal. There seems to be more contemporary design on the package of cigarettes. The word Camel is in block white letters. There is a small pink camel in the middle of the pack. Just below the pink camel there is the abbreviation for the word number then the number nine (No. 9). This ad is intended audience is broader. The current ad is also trying to reach women and younger adults. The slick clean lines would attract the younger crowd. The bright colors would attract women. .
             When ads for tobacco products were out in the 1950s it was directed toward men and women. Not just all men and women either, people who worked hard and had important jobs like doctors. There was nothing in the ad about health risks for their selves or anyone else around them.

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