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Aristotle on Gender

            Gender is one of the most important part of person; which shapes life, gives identity and undertake the huge part of gaining the personality. The reason of all of these, the ideas of society about genders which can be considered as a stereotype. That's why gender roles in the society had been one of the most controversial issue among philosophers. Some of them approach the gender discrepancies with stereotype ideas while the other approach the argument more rationalist. In this essay, with the ideas of some of the most important philosophers in the history, I shall investigate the gender roles in society, marriage; even every part of life and whether because of these roles is one gender superior the other. .
             Aristotle is one of the hardliner philosopher about the issue of gender; although this aspect of him considered by many philosopher; criticized or agreed. At this point, I give importance to the views of Aristotle about the gender roles in society and marriage if we think his point of views are took into consideration by most of the philosophers. Therefore, firstly Aristotle's firm views should be investigated. Aristotle as well as supported the inequality of genders, he also argued the main difference is not just physically it's also mentally. Accordingly, Aristotle argued women are "more mischievious, less simple, more impulsive. more compassionate , more easily moved tears, more jelaus,more querulous, more apt to scold and to strike etc." (History of Animals, 608b. 1-14). With regarding all mentally differences that Aristotle explained, I believe that he has formalist perspective about the gender differences. However, if we approach the gender roles with this formalist perspective it couldn't give us the pure result about the gender differences and their roles. .
             In his another book Aristotle propound some views about consummating men-women relationships and also supply the order of marriage.

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