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The Strength of Women in Ancient Greece

            In our modern world women attribute a great deal to our society as a whole. Possessing qualities of strength and intelligence as well as the ability to cope with certain burdens. However modern women were not the first to attain these attributions. Women throughout Greece showed a certain strength in their lives. Despite the social acceptable roles, views and positions of women in different parts of Greece, women persevered and carried themselves with a certain level of strength. Athenian women were thought of as evil snakes cursed upon mankind whereas Spartan women were considered free and had a lot of the same rights as their husbands and fathers. But despite the different roles, views, and positions of the women in both societies, they all contained one strength that only a woman could possess and that is their biological capabilities to carry and birth the lives of children. .
             Athenian women were only a small step above slavery by the 5th century B.C. Their positions were classified into three general classes. The lowest class was slavery and their role was to assist the wife in the raising of children and household chores. The second class was the citizen women whom were the wives of the man and they were there to provide children and pleasure to the man. To top all that off they were to watch their figure and often were malnourished as were the daughters. The highest class of Athenian women were known as Hetaera and were given an education and allowed into the Agora as men were. But they were still considered inferior to men.
             Spartan women were much different in their positions in their society. These women were considered free and held a lot of the same rights as men in Sparta. They were also very well educated in reading, writing, fine arts, and many other things. The physical attributions of the Spartan women were that of physical strength and they had healthy appetites just as the men did.

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