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Archeological Site - Sutton Hoo

            The Sutton Hoo ship burial is a historical site found south-east Suffolk, Europe. The site was revealed to be the entombment place of a large crowd of Anglo-Saxon people. The Anglo-Saxons were a group of people including Germanic Tribes who voyaged to reside in Great Britain from the 5th century onwards. In the ship itself, many archaeologists and historians were able to recover artifacts such as: jewelry, armor, remains of soldiers and their horses along with other things including gold coins and priceless processions of what was believed to belong to the deceased. The site of Sutton Hoo involves a collection of at least fourteen funeral mounds across the vast landscape. What was most interesting about the discovery of these mounds were what lied beneath the largest embankment.
             Edith May Pretty, the original land owner and caretaker of Sutton Hoo at the time of 1939, believed that the mounds on her property had a mysterious connection with the ghosts of soldiers and important men she saw lurking amongst her home. Her interests in spiritualism was the reason behind what influenced her motivation into one of UK' major discoveries. .
             On the 20th of June (Monday) 1983, Ms. Pretty invited archaeologist Basil Brown of the Ipswich Museum in London to take a look at the abnormal sized hillocks on her property. The first excavation of Sutton Hoo was led by the British Museum and the team of leading archaeologist, Basil Brown & land owner Edith Pretty. The team of archaeologists started digging at mounds 2, 3 & 4, it was not until mound 2, that he discovered iron rivets and parts of a disturbed burial underneath the mounds. Further investigation led into the magnificent finding of the 90 foot long, clinker-built wooden ship of the 7th century; it was believed by historians that in the small chamber located in the middle of the ship, with pitched roofs and missing textiles, the deceased man was surrounded by his many prized processions.

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