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The Westing Game

            The story The Westing Game takes place in Sunset Towers, an apartment building without towers. It was a glassy apartment house that stood on the Lake Michigan shore. Sunset Towers stood five stories high.
             It was believed that Mr. Westing's corpse was rotting away on his Oriental rug. Many dared not to even think of the man. But soon enough, the police discover that the man is dead. Sure enough, the heirs of Mr. Westing are invited to the reading of his will. In his will, it is announced that his life was taken away by one of his heirs and they must find out who that is. They are put into pairs and are given clues. But there are more to the clues then what they seem. In order to win, it was not only to find the murder, but to find the fourth Wind (WindKloppel). The clue was: The heir who wins the windfall will be the one who finds the FOURTH. They then play Mr. Westing's game, The Westing Game. .
             Samuel W. Westing was a manufacturer who disappeared after a near-fatal auto accident. He built Westing Paper Products Corporation. He also established the city of Westingtown. He also established the city of Westingtown. Mr. Westing was an excellent chess player. He was well-known for Fourth of July celebrations where he would have pageants and put on firework displays. His pseudonyms were Barney Northrup, Sandy McSouthers, and Julian R. Eastman.
             James Shin Hoo was born in Chicago. He is 50 yesra old. He added Shin to his name because when he went into the restaurant business, it would sound more Chinese. His first wife died of cancer five years ago. He Remarried to Sun Lin. Has one son: Douglas. Hoo sued Sam Westing over the invention of the disposable paper diaper. The case never came to court due to Mr. Westing's disappearance. He settled with the company last year for $25,000. He is paired with Grace Wexler.
             Douglas Hoo (Doug) is 18 years old. He is a Highschool trackstar. He is paired with Theo Theodorakis.
             Flora Baumach is age 60.

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