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Game Analysis - The Last of Us

            "I struggled for a long time with survivin'. And you, No matter what you keep finding something to fight for." The Last of Us is a game by the developers Naughty Dogs. The game speaks a message of exactly that, how we keep finding that something to fight for, even when all seems lost. These are shown by the many losses in The Last of Us, such as Sarah, Tess, Henry, Sam, and almost the losses of Joel and Ellie.
             The game tells the story of Joel as he deals with a fungal infection that has affected most of the world. Many characters join him, including Tess, the partner of Joel who is there as we begin the adventure of Joel and Ellie, a young infected girl who is immune, Joel and Tess agree to take Ellie west to help find a cure. Joel and Ellie then meet a father son combo of Henry and Sam, David, Bill, Tommy, and Marlene. They journeyed through many places including Pittsburg, A dam civilization, The Colorado State University and even Salt Lake City. The world changed twenty years when the infection first broke out, before that, Joel was a single father who took care of his daughter, Sarah.
             In the prologue of the game, we meet Sarah. As she gives Joel a new watch, Joel askes where She got the money, and she replies by selling drugs, showing us that their relationship has grown as the mother has disappeared. As the two escape from the new outbreak of a disease in the city, they are met by a guard who is ordered to shoot the two. The guard shoots at the two, fatally hitting Sarah, but misses Joel, and as the guard goes to shoot Joel, Tommy shoots the guard, surprising Joel as he had disappeared earlier. They rush to a hysterically crying Sarah, and as Joel is holding her, she dies in Joel's arms. He is left weeping over her lifeless body. He is torn apart by this loss, even so much that he is hurt when Ellie brings up that his watch is broken after just meeting him, and later when the two are fighting, and Ellie brings up his daughter, he says "you are treading on some mighty thin ice here", showing that he is still heartbroken.

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