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The Westing Game

            The Westing Game is a book written by Ellen Raskin in 1978. It is a mystery consisting of one hundred eighty-nine pages. I would rate this book a four because I like how it is more than a book, it is a game.
             In this book, everyone assumes that Sam Westing's multimillion-dollar fortune is up for grabs among sixteen heirs. The one who can find out who murdered him is the one who will receive this fortune. The will divides the heirs into unusual pairs. With all the heirs working or living in the same remote apartment complex, suspicions are high. In the middle of all this tension, there is also a bomber, a thief, and a mistake when a snowstorm traps them in. Then the accident begins.
             One of the heirs has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital. Once this happens, the other heirs realize what is going on. The heir that had the heart attack, the man that delivered letters to all of the heirs, and the owners of the hotel are the same person. In the will it said to find the forth. The last name of each of these people had north, south, east, and west in them. Sam Westing was never dead. All of these people were him.
             I really enjoyed this book. It is funny and interesting enough to get me hooked. It is just one of those mystery books that just keeps me guessing. It is a book that anyone would enjoy reading more than once. I love how you can read this book, but it is like playing a board game.
             My favorite character is Turtle Wexler because she has the ability to look past what she has to see the bigger picture. During the story she learned how to be more respectful to the other people.
             The book shows that even when you have all the clues there s a bigger picture behind the puzzle.

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