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Violence in Schools

             Americans have been shocked by the carnage that has happened in our public .
             school systems across the nation in the past few years. All have involved young men with .
             guns and no self-restraint. Nearly every one agrees that we have moved beyond the point .
             of mere coincidence, that there is the some connection between these horrible events. But .
             that is were the agreement ends. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the subject,.
             with no clear answers to the problem.
             As the tragic events had unfolded, even before the facts were in, and the police had finished their investigations the media was already making the problem larger. All they were reporting is that schools were becoming increasingly more violent. When in reality, the amount of violence in the school system was down. They were also blaming the television industry and video game developers for making too violent TV shows and video games. The media claims both are the main sources for all the violence.
             Survey on violence in WV .
             With the growing amount of violence in the schools nationwide researchers .
             at West Virginia University have developed a survey to determine the violence in three .
             county's school system in West Virginia. They surveyed the faculty and staff of three high schools and junior highs in Monongalia, Preston, and Wood counties. To assess whether schools in West Virginia deal with acts of violence, the researchers developed a 25 question survey to ask .
             questions like; "Does your school have an emergency response plan that includes acts of .
             violence?" and "Does your school have a coded alarm to warn of emergence?" Their answers to all the questions on the survey came back negative, The WVU survey showed that the schools were not prepared for violent acts at all.(Della-Giustiana 4).
             The researchers at West Virginia University have came to some recommendations .
             ,based on the survey, to help better prepare and prevent the violence in the schools.

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