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Unbroken - Louie Zamperini

            Louie Zamperini is one of the bravest men that I have had the chance to learn about. He lived his life to the fullest and to age of 97 when he passed away. Louie was an Olympic medalist for running the fastest mile in the Olympics at four minutes and eight seconds, then he was drafted into the army air force where his aircraft was shot down and he was lost at sea for forty seven days until he was captured by Japanese soldiers and became a POW in WWII. He was then starved and beaten every day so that he would turn against his own country. He overcame what most of us would never dream of ever trying to have to overcome in a life time that made Laura Hillenbrand decide to write a book and then later on decide to make a movie out of the book about him .This paper will try and delicts the differences between the book and the movie along with telling you about how very courageous of a man that overcame all odds of survival. Louis overcame so many things in his lifetime that included, his skills of survival, resilience, and redemption that stand out the most to all of us. This man is a true hero in the eyes of many, even though, his life may not have started out as one, it sure did end that way. .
             Louie's survival skill's got him through forty seven days of being stranded at sea, while sharks swam around and under his raft. The sharks also jumped out of the water and tried to land in the raft with him and his fellow soldiers. He also survived the hunger and thirst pains that almost surely killed him. Although the movie did not reflect on how bad it really got out on the water, due to the fact that they thought that the audience wouldn't be interested in all the gory details of how bad it really got out on the sea. Then once him and his fellow soldiers were captured by Japanese soldier's Louie was treated like a king for three days at one camp and then sent off to another camp to once again be starved and beaten on a daily bases to try and turn him against his own country by speaking out over a radio station.

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