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Concepts of Power and Authority

            Authority: the sound of it brings back memories of the teacher that everyone had; this teacher constantly thought they were better than their students, since they had gone to college and the students obviously have not yet. In these experiments, authority figures took over and used their power for malicious purposes. The Stanford Experiment was an exercise to see how people would react if they were sent to prison. In the end, the prison guards took over, by harassing the prisoners to the point of depression. Another occasion where someone had overused their power was the Milgram Experiment. In this case, people overused their power and believed they hurt people. Lastly, and honestly the saddest one was the Blue Eye Brown Eye Experiment. Third graders were learning about racism and severely bullied each other because the teacher had said they were better than the other students. The novel, Unbroken, shows how Japanese World War II soldiers would take over the power and abuse the Prisoners of War (POWs). The Stanford Experiment, The Milgram Experiment, The Blue Eye Brown Eye Experiment and the novel Unbroken, are similar, because the superior person always used their power for bad.
             When looking at the Japanese soldiers who violently attacked Louie in World War II, people can see a very close resemblance of the Stanford Prison Experiment. The Stanford Experiment's results explained how anybody could take a normal, loving person and turn them into a heartless abuser. It was an attempt to see how perfectly healthy people would act if they were sent to prison. The results of this horrific experiment was that given the correct environment, a completely happy person that would never hurt a fly, could develop cruel, devious, and malevolent ways. The Stanford Experiment took place in 1971, and experiment paid people to pretend they were in jail; some people acted as guards, while others acted as prisoners.

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