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Lord of the flies: Authority

             A society without authority, and discipline is a society destined for turmoil.
             Without the rules and authority of a well functioning society there would be total chaos in the world. These are essential elements to promote a society where .
             Authority and discipline are terms associated with order and restraint, concepts we encounter in everyday lives. William Golding's The Lord Of The Flies tries to prove that age-old question. What would happen if there was no authority, rules and discipline in our so called well functioning society? This novel displays what can happen when just that takes place. The island that the boys land on turns to anarchy within just a short period of time, just for that very same reason. .
             At he novel's beginning the boys demonstrate that they still have the values of the society that they came from by establishing a leader and authority figure in Ralph who holds the conch, a symbol of authority and respect. When the speaker holds the conch they are not to be interrupted, and are the only ones that are free to speak. Although the boys decided on their leader by a democratic vote another type of leader emerges, one who is the opposite of Ralph. Jack lost the vote, but is still in charge of the choir. Jack although a natural born leader, is concerned only about himself and his choir. He is not concerned about rescue or what is best for the group. The choir is in charge of the fire maintenance for rescue and hunting for food. The rest of the boys are in charge of obtaining water and the building of shelters.
             After a while the boys started to linger from their responsibilities, which eventually led to some serious consequences. The choir was only concerned with hunting and killing the wild pigs on the island. One day after their first hunt, they were carrying a pig and Ralph was waiting by the burned out fire for the hunters to return. There had been a ship that went by, but there was no signal fire for the ship to see.

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