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Dictatorship and Democracy in Lord of the Flies

            In Golding's Lord of the flies there is a political theme in which he creates a certain conflict between barbarism and order. This barbaric dictatorship takes precedence over democratic order due to its strong hold upon aggressive leadership. Golding uses two boys' Ralph and Jack, who portray these political figures. Ralph represents democracy, order, law, and rules while Jack represents dictatorship, barbarism, savagery and primitive culture. Ultimately Jack gains full authority over the group of boys, which demonstrates the boys are bond to barbarism rather than democracy due to the lack of an adult figure of authority upon the island. Another factor that contributes to dictatorship taking precedence over democracy is the devil (Lord of the Flies) and his manipulation of the boys. .
             The main reason that dictatorship was able to overtake democracy was due to the strong aggressive leadership in which Jack possessed. Jack possessed this type of authority due to him being one of the older boys and the leader of the choir boys. Jack always had a strong desire for power as he was not initially elected for leadership at the beginning of their time on the island, this generally made Jack frustrated which then led to him becoming barbaric and savage. As Jacks savage behavior increased he was then able to take authority over the boys, which then influenced the boys to become savage and accept barbarism as a way to survive on the island. Jacks new persona helps his role as an aggressive and strong leader as he thrives on the boy's anxieties and fears, Jack also promises the boys provisions such as safety, meat and fun. Jacks strong and aggressive leadership comes into play upon making the boys serve him as well as preform ritual dancing and chanting and taking part in the substantial pig hunts. On the other hand we had Ralph who was the democratic leader who could not influence the boys to commit to simple rules such as speaking only when you're in possession of the conch, keeping watch of the fire at all times, and the building of shelters.

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