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Lord of the Flies

            Power is destructive when it is put in the wrong hands. Golding's Lord of The Flies revolves around this message. When you look deep inside the book you can see how Golding is using the boys on the island as a representation how our society functions. This essay will discuss how Golding illustrates to us the fact that even though a society may start off with the innocent intent of democracy to insure survival, it will inevitably take a turn for the worse when the leaders grow hungry for power. Evil resides in dictatorship, as shown by Jack and his tribe as the pages of this edifying novel unfold. .
             A society, such as a group of lost and frightened boys, needs a leader to guide and instruct them. Ralph is elected for this purpose at the beginning of the book. Golding uses the Conch Shell as a symbol of this developing democracy. It represents the order, and obedience that is present. Jack however, is against this democracy. He is hungry for power, and goes against Ralph's orders. He only cares about hunting and having fun, and wants to lead the boys in this direction. This signifies the beginning of the tribe's separation, and the end of their inocence and democracy on the island.
             Golding displays to us that the boys had to decide between either Jack's or Ralph's tribe. They are forced to choose between common sense and Anarchy. Jack (along with his satanic followers such as Roger) create a dictatorship that many of the boys are conned into following. Of course they would rather hunt and play games then worry about fire, and being rescued. Our Society today functions in this same manner. People don't like to think for themselves as individuals, and would rather follow the crowd no matter how vicious the crowd may be becoming. The isolation of these two groups creates a "war" that everyone gets caught up in. The fire is a symbol of power in this "war," because whichever tribe has it is "in power.

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