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Federal Government and State Policies

            In these modern times, Washington needs to have greater power to dictate policy because the federal government is responsible for speaking and acting on the behalf of the entire country when it comes to its relationship with all other foreign governments. The federal government has the ability to work as a self-sufficient political community. The constitution and the people have given Washington the control to take control over all policies and laws that affect every person in this country and it allows them standardize these policies all the down to the local level of government. .
             States know that they are unable to make policies that without the federal governments' consent, but they should be able to make decisions when it comes to education and health that may affect the citizens within their state and local governments. The states and the federal government are considered supreme in their own sphere of power, although there is considerable overlap (Cropf, 2008, p. 106). State and local governments are more aware and familiar with their citizens' needs and wants. There is the possibility of influence to the policies due to local beliefs, but the federal government has the ability to change the policies if they are unconstitutional. The healthcare reform offers has a Medicaid expansion plan that increases the eligibility limits to provide more services to adults who were one ineligible. All states do not have to participate, but states choosing expansion, the federal government is to pay 100 percent of health care costs for newly eligible recipients through 2016, stepping down to 90 percent by 2020.
             There needs to be a level of federal government influence to assure that citizens' rights are not violated throughout all of the states. The federal government is already able to override state policies, this was put into place for a reason. All states were created equal, but their beliefs are far from that.

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