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History of the Renaissance Period

            The Renaissance period was indeed, a completely different when compared to the middle ages. Meaning 'rebirth', the Renaissance was thought to be a new revolution, where people were becoming smarter from learning and education opportunities. There were many new scientific discoveries, as well as famous explorations and the usage of new and advanced technology. Compared to the middle ages, where education was scarce and the society was run by the feudalism and the church, the Renaissance was a whole different timeframe which provided people with a whole lot of new opportunities. .
             Science and technology was an important aspect during the Renaissance period. There were many great and significant scientific discoveries while new complex and advanced technology were introduced. The printing press, spectacles and pendulum were just some examples of the technology available at that time. The printing press was an important technology, which enabled books to be written and published much faster than before, when all books were handwritten. Meanwhile, spectacles allowed people to see clearer from longer distances. The pendulum, invented by Galileo Galilei around the 1600's, allowed people to accurately keep time. This was also a use during science experiments to obtain accurate results. There was also a huge leap in science such as anatomy and physics. Andreas Vesalius, a famous anatomist and physician, was highly regarded for his works on medicine and his many published books. The change and advancement in science and technology were especially significant during the Renaissance.
             Explorations were another significant change from the middle ages. Many explorations were embarked on, as many sailors and explorers tried to find out more about the Earth. Sailors, mostly from Spain or Portugal, made many significant discoveries during their ventures. People like Vasco da Gama or Christopher Columbus were just a few famous explorers.

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