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Power and Authority

            Power is an authoritative quality which not many have the capability of. Power can be defined in many ways depending on the background of your family or generation. This word can be understood to mean authority, control, and influence or even to have rule over something like a dominion. This word may seem very common but it isn't a trait in every individual. A person with power is one who believes in his/herself and thinks that he or she is capable and talented enough to do anything. Power is a value worth a great deal.
             One that gains power makes the other person lose it. The skill to achieve power is not so simple. Acquiring of power requires effort as well as belief. A person who does not trust or believe in his/herself cannot reach any goal whether it is long term or short term. An entity that is powerless has no authority or any capability over anything. When people increase power, they gain more self-control and knowledge over either evil or injustice. Having power is not a joke. It is hard to have power but it is bad to be powerless. A person should try not to lose power but to at least maintain power .Everyone should have a balance of power. At times, too much power can cause too much strength which may cause someone to lose all of its strength. A good tip is that if someone has a lot of authority, they should try to retain it rather than squander it. A person should always feel thankful for the level of power he/she enjoys.
             The lacking of power can cause many problems. My experiences have taught me to not underestimate myself and always have high self-esteem. If everyone in the world believed in themselves, the world would have been so diverse and unique. Believe it or not, when people undervalue themselves, things in their life can go wrong which leads to rising conflicts. For example, if a person thinks they should go travel but they think that they are not capable of going with somebody, and they go all alone on a ride, they can face many difficulties.

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