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Commerce Extended Response

            "Getting a loan is too easy for people in their 20's. They get into difficulties that can never be recovered from". I agree with this statement because people in their 20's are not financially mature and their poorly-managed finances during their 20s can reflect badly on their credit record and make it that much harder to save money for their future. When people in their 20's don't have their finances under control, they will accumulate debt and learn financial habits that will follow them for the rest of their lives. .
             "Getting a loan is too easy for people in their 20's" is correct because people in their 20's can get easy access to a whole range of different financial products for example; student loans, credit cards, and payday loans. Many 20 year olds have easy access to student loans which assist young people with their finances and supporting them during their university studies. A number of these programs allow young people to defer their payments until they have graduated or completed their studies and some of the programs even defer the interest until they have completed their course of study. Many of these programs will permit young people to put off payment on the loans for some time, generally after they complete their study, and many times even longer than that. As a result they are given time to enter the job market and begin their career without worrying about paying off their loan. Credit cards can be easy to apply for generally you must be over 18, have a regular source of income, be and Australian citizen, and have good credit history. People in their 20's would be able to apply for a credit card with ease because many of them would fit these criteria or they have to have is regular causal work people don't have to have high income a low income is okay. Young people aged from 18 to their late 20's are the main market of the payday loan business. The reason payday loans are so easy to access is because borrows don't have to be high income earner and do not have to be employed full time.

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