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             The popularity of e-commerce is growing almost as fast as the technology itself. Every day there is an increasing number of companies that join the electronicworld of business. Companies spend excessive amounts of money yearly to set-up and maintain their corporate image and community hoping to create greater competition when operating in a global environment. However regardless of the amount of money spent on the development of e-commerce, companies are still faced with an immense amount of complications. Many of the complications result from the international nature of electronic commerce. Included in this is the inability of businesses to overcome customers'inherent lack of trust towards strangers on the web both nationally and globally. Also the incompetence of many businesses who fail to become accustom to the differences in language and customs that make up the culture of any region in-which they do business, least-alone tackle the infrastructure barriers. For the future of e-commerce to continue as a revolutionary success both the latter and former barriers need to be addressed.There are several reasons why e-commerce is appealing to a growing amount of people. As e-commerce is fundamentally based on the Internet each available .
             business has no geographical boundaries. The on-line viewer can access any site, anywhere in the world from the comfort of his or her own home. The consumer now .
             has diversity. With the entire Internet at their fingertips, in a matter of minutes they can browse several businesses in several parts of the world allowing them to view competitive prices and products. An on-line shopping guide recently stated that,The concept of loyalty is being eroded by the transparency of prices on the Internet. Consumers can jump easily from store to store to compare prices and use special software namely intelligent agents', which crawl all over the Internet and seek out the best deals.

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