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Inequality in The Hunger Games

            In the film The Hunger Games directed by Gary Ross an important idea is inequality. In this essay I will explain that inequality in The Hunger Games is relevant to people in today's society because just like in The Hunger Games many people do not have enough to eat, The Capitol has rich and greedy people just like wealthy countries today, and that inequality can make people break the law in order to survive. The idea that I will be describing is inequality. It is relevant to people today because this kind of inequality is happening right now all over the world. In The Hunger Games the rich Capitol controls twelve districts, all of which produce something and send nearly all of it to the Capitol. The Capitol keeps most of the resources for itself but sends just enough food and other resources to the districts to keep them going. Katniss lives in District 12, which is the poorest district. The only way that Katniss can feed her family is by hunting illegally in the woods. A montage at the start of the film shows this poverty with shots of broken windows, rusty old cars and bikes, and sad, slow music.
             The director uses a montage to show that food is shared unequally across the Districts, just as it is in the world today. The montage at the start of the film shows what life is like in District 12. There is a shot of an old man working hard to eat every piece of meat from something. The man is wearing dirty, old clothes. We then see a high angle shot of a pile of small bones lying in the dirt and we realise that it was just a bird. The slow, sad music and his costume tells us that is his only meal, and it was not enough. Gary Ross manipulates camera angles and shots to reveal how this inequality shocks Katniss, just as people are shocked today. Katniss realises how much food people in The Capitol have when she steps aboard the train carriage after she volunteers as tribute. There is a close up shot of her expression of astonishment as she sees the room.

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