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To Eat or Not to Eat

            "Eat your broccoli "is something that most kids hear while growing up. Parents try to encourage their kids into taking an interest in vegetables, but many kids refuse to. They don't comprehend the benefits that vegetables provide their bodies in order to maintain optimal health and beauty. Being healthy is one of the biggest concerns in the United States. Due to the fact that the obesity rates have kept rising over the years, which has led some people to question whether or not the united states will be able to put a stop to this matter. That is why the government has come up with new policies that enforce many new regulations related to the health of many Americans. They plan to decrease the obesity rates and improve the health of many people. These new policies have caused an effect in many places, especially at schools even though some of the laws are not necessary. "One of the most widely implemented policies targeting childhood obesity in the united states has restrictions on competitive foods in school"(Fernandez). I believe the school's policy of no outside foods permitted on school property is an unfair policy, although many people would agree that the school's policies and laws are beneficial for students , I would disagree because students should have the right to bring foods from outside sources into the school because it's beneficial, it provides a variety of food options, and students should be able to choose what they intake in their body. .
             According to the school's rules at southwest high school students are not allowed to bring in any type of outside food obtained from outside sources. That includes anything that is not within the school's healthy food guidelines. Due to the belief that the food can cause a distraction among students and its harmful towards their health. Although many students know about this rule , often some choose to break it or bend the rule.

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