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Rampant Cyberbullying

             For this investigation, cyberbullying has been chosen to focus in this research. Through this research, information about whether is cyberbullying out of control will be learnt through text analysis and articles in the internet. In addition, communicating with a range of people by handing out surveys, is one of the ways to learn more about this topic. Cyberbullying is any kind of bullying or harassment done using electronic technology [ CITATION Men14 l 3081 ]. Using mobile phone or a social media to embarrass or hurt someone is considered cyberbullying. As the information or picture posted can be shared widely with a lot of people quickly, which is why it is so dangerous and can affects anyone's future. I have chosen this topic because I am keen to know more about this issue and the ways to prevent it.
             What is cyberbullying and what causes it to happen?.
             Cyberbullying is a growing problem that impacts everyone nationwide every day. There are a number of interpretation for cyberbullying, some say that it is when young person is humiliated, threatened, harassment, anguished, or otherwise targeted by young person using internet and digital technologies[CITATION Par l 3081 ]. The website also state that adult cyber harassment and cyber stalking is never called cyberbullying. There is also some say that cyberbullying is not restricted to an age group, gender or sexual orientation, they say that any person from anywhere on this planet could be a victim of cyberbullying[ CITATION NoB15 l 3081 ]. .
             The main reasons of cyberbullying are motivated by revenge, for entertainment and wanting to show the power of the bullies. For anyone who are victims of harassment or otherwise, they may want to find their way to strike back to the bullies. They may think that their movements is correct because it can let the bullies to be stressed and tormented just like them[ CITATION Par l 3081 ]. According to[ CITATION Liu15 l 3081 ] surveys, one of the causes of cyberbullying stated by the participant is: "one who feels inferior often project their feelings on someone else, so that they can feel better in some sadistic ways and gain more confidence".

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