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Encouraging Japanese College Students to Study

            In general, high school students go to universities in order to further study academic subjects. However, Japanese university students do not study. Instead of this, they spend more time doing other activities. Why? Because companies that hire Japanese college students cannot believe their college grades; they do not check them. But the cause is not only companies. Each student, professor and company causes this problem by creating a negative cycle. So, breaking this cycle and making a positive cycle leads students to study at college and companies should lead in solving this problem.
             To what extent do Japanese college students not study? The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications research shows that Japanese university students spend just 3.5 hours studying including class, assignments, preview and review per a day. However, sixth grade students spend 5.2 hours, so college students study less time than elementary school students do (Social life basic research, 2011). Also, according to the National Survey of Student Engagement data in the United States and the National University Research which is conducted by Center of University Management and Policy Studies at the University of Tokyo, eighty five percent of Japanese university students study less than ten hours per week, though almost sixty percent of American students study more than eleven hours per week. Japanese university students study time is perhaps the least time in the world. .
             A lack of Japanese university students who study well would affect Japanese economy in the future. Japanese people often say university students do not have to study hard because they also did not study when they were college students. They think the time when students spend in university as students can do anything they get interests. However, this way of thinking is old because world affairs are changing. Recently, people pay more attention to global world economy.

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