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Motivation Matters by James Crotty

            Motivation is an important factor in our lives. From elementary school to the workplace, we have been studying, working and trying hard to accomplish our goals. We can't do those things effectively if there is no motivation. Motivation is more important for students because if they do well during their academic careers, it is better for their lives. In the article "Motivation Matters", the author introduces four conditions that improve students' motivation (Crotty). Among them, making students interested in the tasks and making them expect for the outcome are the most important ways to nourish students' desire to learn.
             Interest is the most important factor for students' motivation because everyone loves to do the job that they're interested in. In Crotty's article, he points out that a student's interest in the task is one of the four things that increase student's motivation. If a student is interested in that task, he will never feel bored or discouraged from it because he wants to know everything about it. He will focus on it and try to learn everything about that task. When he faces setbacks or challenges, he will find a way to overcome them because he is interested in it. Therefore, we should encourage students to follow the path they're interested in or make them interested in those subjects so that they don't feel bored or discouraged from the path even if they face setbacks.
             A great accomplishment and a great perseverance are the result of great interest. In her article "The Secret to Raising Smart Kids", Dweck writes "great accomplishment, and even what we call genius, is typically the result of years of passion and dedication and not something that flows naturally from a gift" (6). Geniuses who completed great accomplishments in their lives also have to spend years of working hard pursuing their dreams. Nobody can spend years working hard on a task that he is not interested.

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