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Culture as Portrayed by the Media

            How does the media portray your culture?.
             For every culture there are endless stereotypes and different opinions shown through media. It seems to me that the media portrays my culture mostly with negative stereotypes, and the media does indeed influence people's perception of others. This causes the stereotypes to be believable to outside nationalities and can lead to conflict when different cultures may cross paths, due to certain cultures forming opinions on another based off stereotypes portrayed through the media. As an African American, There are countless ways we are stereotyped in aspects of language, cuisine, social habits, religion and music. Although, the media may portray my culture as they do, not everything being said on the TV or written in a book is 100% accurate. .
             African Americans are shown to speak a different type of "language" that some people don't consider English. We are portrayed to often speak slang loudly and rudely also approach people with disrespect. I notice that we are also portrayed to be ignorant and do not put much thought into our decisions before reacting. For example, on reality TV shows, the characters are much uncivilized and make decisions based off of their first mindset, which is never good. Characters began to fight or argue in public and just embarrass themselves and that causes people to believe that every black person is like that one on the television making a fool out of themselves. .
             When it comes to cuisine, the media shows that African Americans only eat soul food. For some reason, the media really focuses on blacks eating fried chicken and drinking Kool-Aid. This stereotype is mostly over-exaggerated. For example, the media will show black people to eat fried chicken and drink Kool-Aid like they don't have an appetite for anything else. Or even, If it is being shown that somebody black doesn't like chicken, all of a sudden the other characters are shocked and began to say things like "You don't like chicken?!?! Oh, you must not be black".

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