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Democracy and Capitalism

             After two millions years of human evolvement, not only have we changed drastically and physically, but we have also formed different types of societies and governments throughout the years. Two of these important evolvements include democracy and capitalism which are used widely in numerous countries both developed and developing throughout the wold. Nonetheless, whether these two factors of society relate to each other beneficially and whether they are bound to together have been widely discussed. Capitalism and democracy have much in common and are, in the modern world, intertwined in various ways, but they have to be seen as separate forces of openness in the world (Democracy and Capitalism).
             Democracy has long been known since the creation of the Greek Athenian society in 507B.C (Athenian Democracy) and has greatly spread throughout the world. Democracy is not a government; it is a way of thinking, a responsibility. In a democracy, the citizens have the right to access documents and proceedings of the government, which allows for effective public oversight (What is Democracy). Democracy also allows you to not only being heard, but being listened to. Living in a democratic country, you are given an equal vote on decisions that directly affect you. Hence, the citizens of the country are said to be in charge of deciding the affairs of the country. .
             Capitalism started during the middle Ages as early forms of merchant capitalism. Nowadays under this system, the people in charge of producing and distributing goods are owned by a small minority of people called the capitalist class. The majority of people, however, must sell their ability to work in return for a wage or salary that we refer to as the working class (What is Capitalism).The motive for producing goods and services is to sell them for a profit, not to satisfy people's needs.
             As a developing country, the People's Republic of China is a capitalist country however it is not a democracy.

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