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Democracy and Capitalism

            Capitalism and democracy work well together in many ways. The people control pretty much all of capitalism and democracy. Both work well because if anyone has to go on leave for an injury or if someone is fired the government can step in and help that person or people get back on their feet. The best reason is that the government has to control to jump in and protect the people. In conclusion a capitalist economy and a democratic government work very well together.
             In a capitalist economy and in a democratic government the people are allowed to take the control. In capitalism, private individual or corporations control all factories, businesses, property and money. In democracy, representatives in the government are chosen bye the people. Because of both systems, with some limitations, people are able to do what they please to do. Under this system people are able to have many these in their hands and are able to control a variety of them.
             It is not insured that people will lose their jobs because of the way capitalism works. This is where democracy steps in. In democracy if people get laid off they have created a way to help them get out of trouble. Welfare is a thing that was created to help the people in these situations. This opportunity of help is only available until the person or people are back on their feet. So if someone is hurt by the free enterprise system the government can step in and help him or her.
             The economy also protects people that are under democracy. For example, if the law is cheating someone out the government can step in and help that person out. The government sets up laws to prevent monopolies. They also set up laws to prevent the things that can injury the common person or to prevent fraud. The government under a democracy protects and serves the people.
             In the two paragraphs above it would seem like capitalism is bad but it happens to be great. It allows people to enter the economy or exit it at their own will.

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