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An Overview of Daosim

            Daoism is a religion that focuses on living a simple and balanced life in harmony with nature. This is one of the most important principles in Daoism. People who follow Daoism believe that problems are not good and that it is important that if a problem occurs that the person finds another way to solve the issue. I think that the people who follow the way of life based on Daoism goal are to live a simple life. According to the text, simple living means to live a stress free life. A simple life is a life with no determinations, no cravings for power, and no need to have control over other people. This is a life to live that will hopefully help a person to tune out everybody else's ideas and thoughts and become their true selves. People that live this life are allowing the Dao to show its true expression. These people will not have to try to do good things in life purposely but they will be nice to everyone naturally. Dao has the power to affect the person's life who is a follower of the religion and it will affect the people who around this person too. .
             This religion has many similarities to Christianity. Christians believe that if a person has faith in God and follows the things of God and lives as the bible directs then there will be an inner light within that Christian. It is said that even people who are not Christians will be able to see that there is something beautiful within the person not knowing that it is Christ. I see that it is the same thing with Daoism. People who are really committed to getting deep into Daoism will essentially be naturally good people and will not on purpose influence other people to be good. This is a way that people commonly join religions; they see a person who they admire or would like to be and at the right moment the person will eventually speak up to see how they can too be a naturally good person. So like it said in the chapter "Where can you find Dao? Look within yourself.

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