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Family is Like a Senate

            "When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching - they are your family.
             The purpose of a family is to join a group of human beings by a bond so strong it functions as a whole. Family is a never ending system of support and rejection like a senate in a federal government. In the senate a bill is rejected several times until it has the qualities that will allow it to be passed. In a family a person is rejected until a member possesses the strength, independence and confidence to excel. Being forgiving and loyal to one another are also the characteristics that would qualify a person to be considered family. There is no rules committee to set boundaries for family members. A family is a continuous body. The goal of a family is to pass a favorable "bill.".
             The goal of family is to take a single member, as if a member is a bill and work together until that person is as close to perfection as he/she can get. To achieve this, family openly discusses the member in question. Everyone who is involved states the likes and dislikes of "bill's" life. Input is given. The input can be favorable or bitter opinions and comments to push the bill to succeed. Family is a judgement. Family clearly state what expectations they have for a person. There is no limit to what the expectations can be. Personal traits could be stated. Actions that a family would like a member could take in his/her life could be the topic of discussion. Family often tears a member down at some points in member's composition in an effort to help. A family would never spitefully cause another to be emotionally or physically upset. Family then comes back together to argue what is best. Family just wants the best possible outcome for a person. They want to see success and confidence in someone. Advice is then given. A person may not always agree with the advice put forth but every opinion is respectfully listened to. The improved member, or bill, is then sent off to be active in the world.

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