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My Transition from Child to Adult

            Human beings develop over the periods during their life. A momentous period in which a person has a huge turning-point change from a kid to an adult is called puberty. Many psychology researchers showed that puberty is one of the most important periods in human ages because the changes in this period will affect strongly in their behaviors when they are mature. As the matter of fact, puberty almost is a hard period time with lots of changes both in their bodies and in their souls. I am not an exception of this natural matter. My puberty time also is not an easy period to get over. I used to be in conflict with my mother as the story in "The Color of Love" by Danzy Senna when I was on the age of puberty; however, I did not have enough advice and supports from my mother who is my closest person, the same as Ryan Van Meter and his mother in "First".
             My mother who has a sunny smile and affectionate eyes is both my lovely mother and my closest friend from I was in kindergarten. I still remember good memories of my mother and I which are the stories she told me in my bedtime, the family time and the big love that I have received from my parents. My childhood days were overflowed with love and happiness. However, some troubles happened in my father's jobs and my mother had to do more than a job to help my father when I was about thirteen years old. My parents were very busy and my mother did not have enough time to take care of me or be close with me like before. I always stayed at school until my dad picked me up at 8:30 p.m. after I had dinner at school. My problems started from there. My relationship with my mom at that time was quite similar to the relationship between Danzy Senna and her grandmother: "We were both women, and we were both writer. But we were as different as two people can be and still exist in the same family". My mother and I seemed to be even more distant because I was changing gradually.

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