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Working Hard and Focusing

            Throughout all my years in school, I have created a habit of always waiting until the last minute to do an assignment or to turn a finished one in. I have always been able to make it up with no worries or regards to the consequences. But, early in my senior year, I was made to realize I could not be doing that anymore. I nearly had to find out the hard way.
             Leading up to my senior year as a junior I began hanging out with a different group of friends. The type of friends your parents would not approve of. I wasn't popular or a total loser, I was an in-betweener. These guys are the type that like to party, always have girls around, and just have fun. So when they asked me to start hanging with them and I jumped at the idea. My parents didn't mind much because I was doing fine in school. But then I started skipping class nearly every day. I ended up with over 100 absences in the last semester and only passed two classes. I didn't think it was a big deal because they weren't core classes. .
             Fast forward to senior year registration, where I thought I was going to sign up for my classes, pay a few fees, get my ID card and move on with my day. But when I sat down to give my information one of the ladies said I had to speak with the principal. I knew what she meant. As soon as I sat down in his office I told him I was not going to alternative school. He didn't like that too much. We kept going back and forth about whether or not I should be in school. We ended up making a deal that I would have to pass all my classes in order to stay in school. Meaning I would have to stop skipping, pay attention in class and turn things in on time. I was also a few credits behind, so in order to graduate on time I had to make a goal of becoming a better student and change my bad habits.
             This year has been kind of different. I still hang out with the same friends, just not as often as I used to. There were four of us last year including myself that attended school together.

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