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Working and Learning the Hard Way

            "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.
             In the essay "Working at McDonalds," by Amitai Etzioni he explains how working at a fast food establishment does absolutely nothing for you. How it doesn't build character, or doesn't teaches teenagers responsibility. How it distracts them from school work and how it won't build any social skills for the rest of their life. Although Etzioni has a few, and very few, points that are worthy of listening to the ones that are far from the truth are, teen responsibility, how it distracts students from school and how teens won't have any social skills for life. Working and going to school is difficult but it is in fact doable. Etzioni declares that "these jobs undermine school attendance and involvement in school activates" If anything it would make students want to be more involved in their school. Students in general want to be a part of what's going on with their peers, with their school. Etzioni doesn't understand that going to school and working is a wonderful experience. Students that skip school are that have a poor attendance record don't really care about school any way. The students that do work and go to school have more of a drive to do well in life. .
             We learn life skills all through life, in work, school, and different experiences. Amitai Etzioni doesn't believe that you can get these skills from a fast food job. He clearly states "What does it matter if you take twenty minutes to learn to work a register and the "operate" it what "skill" have you acquired?" Well in fact you have learned many skills in those measly twenty minutes, you have learned how to retain information. You have learned how to multitask by taking commands and listing to the tips you're boss has given. Teenagers learn so many different skills by having a job in high school, they learn communicational skills, and they learn how to be compassionate to the customer, even if the customer is wrong.

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