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Dealing With The Hard Days Of Work

            High school students are active, energetic and full of life that is awaiting to be consumed by any means necessary. But the most active students would be the seniors since they have less school work to deal with and more free time to spend. Even though the majority of seniors have more free time, there are still some non-seniors who also have some time on their hands. Most of the students who have extra time actually find something good to use it for. These students go out into the real world and look for jobs, mainly ones that pay minimum wage since other well paying jobs are not that easy to find. But it varies for each person to either work many hours, or just a few hours. There are benefits and also disadvantages for working many hours. A few benefits might be keeping the kids off the streets and learning job skills. But some disadvantages might be too much stress, no time for a social life, and less time to spend on education.
             Working a long shift at work is good for the student since this student will learn skills for times that he or she will use them for. The student will learn people's skills since he or she will have to communicate with the customer to understand their needs. These job skills will keep the student organized in their life so that they will be able to talk to people in an appropriate manner. In "McJobs" by Ben Wildavsky, the author writes "Ninety-four percent of employees said their jobs helped them learn teamwork, 89 percent learned how to deal with customers, and 69 percent developed an awareness of how a business runs," showing us that workers are learning new things by taking care of their customers with help from their fellow employees (264). .
             Teens have a nice crave for smoking, drinking alcohol and taking some drugs. I think that working these long shifts are good for the reason of not letting students distort their bodies from the bad things in life, because one is better off working hard and then working on schoolwork instead of working only a few hours, taking a couple drugs and then doing homework.

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