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Perspectives on Christianity

            Christianity as a religion has evolved over the years and so has the lifestyle that Christians live. Today Christians aren't as devout as they used to be, plenty still get baptized and regularly attend church but how many actually live the life that Jesus wanted them to? Most Christians don't live that life but the bible says that as long as you accept gods grace you can be saved. I agree with the teachings of the bible and the Christian faith. Tradition, faith, and community drive the religion today this is my perspective on Christianity.
             The word religion means to bind together, this is a key idea to members of the Christian community because the worshipers are very community driven and want to help others by giving back. The idea of helping the community is what initially binds the people within the religion together. Also the bible teaches that if you give to the community it is a part of living a Christian life and a way to achieve salvation. Achieving salvation or reaching Heaven is the ultimate goal of the faith. Joining the Christian community starts with baptism it's how worshipers get forgiven for any and all sins they have or will commit in life as long as they accept Jesus as their savior. Some outside of the community believe that you have to follow the 10 commandments strictly to be saved. This isn't true because Jesus died for our sins so we don't have to live strictly by those laws, Christians follow them and try to adhere but it isn't a necessity. The religion and its teachings are the theme that all the other aspects of Christianity are taken from. Christianity teaches us that faith and community bring us together to learn about Jesus and how to live a life of righteousness (supernatural life). .
             Faith is a huge part of the Christian religion; it is the state of being ultimately concerned. People who believe all seek transcendence; their faith in God and Christianity is required to achieve transcendence on earth and beyond.

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