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World Religions - Buddhism and Christianity

            Buddhism and Christianity exhibit varied perspectives which are demonstrated through the practices of the two religions. They both hold divergent philosophies, histories, values, customs, traditions, and origins. This paper aims at bringing out the philosophical and value differences of the two religions and demonstrating the divergent ethical perspectives surrounding the religions. The paper will try to present an opinion of the ethical value observed.
             Philosophical Difference Between Buddhism and Christianity.
             Buddhism teaching is centered upon Gautama Buddha and it is a non-theistic religion that does not believe in a supreme being. Christianity is based on the teachings and life of Jesus and is a monastic religions that believes in the existence of a supreme being. Christians also believe that Christ is the Son of God and he is an incarnation of God himself. According to Christianity, all things were created by God. Christians believe that salvation is achieved through confessing that Jesus is Lord, while Buddhist believes in the wisdom that separates man from the world. Both religions are philosophies to life (Roof, 1991) Buddhism and Christianity provide the basic theoretical framework of human life and nature. However, the two religions exhibit different philosophical values. Buddhists hold the philosophy that all things that exist in the universe are naturally formed "arising through causation (Pratiyasamutpada)" and triggered by cause and condition (Hetupratyaya) (Langley, 1996). Creation of man is also formed from the combination of five classifications (Pancaskandha) (Langley, 1996). Buddhists also believe that a man is a product of ignorance, a belief similar to the Christian view of man being a product of sin. Buddhists believe that human beings can redeem themselves from the human nature, which is pure but soiled by human desires. Man can free himself from the world only by practicing Buddhism.

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