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Problems of Illegal Immigrants

            In the United States, we have come to an impasse or maybe a downward spiral even towards how we view immigration. Although this great country was founded on that idea, nowadays, the US Government is not as accepting to those who come across our borders illegally and plan to stay. What our generation does not empathize with is how difficult the lives of those who come here illegally, truly have it. What are some of those obstacles they may have to deal with that we, as legal-born citizens, do not? How might these difficulties even be the root cause for the problem of immigration? Aside from having to successfully make it into the country, and then find a place to live, as well as getting a job, there are many limitations as to what these "aliens" who have made it here still have to deal with. As a society, we are ignorant to some of the hardships that these people have to go through, the liberties that we take for granted in our everyday lives. Our country was formed and founded on immigration; we should not deprive others of that dream just because we are prejudiced. .
             Throughout the readings of many personal stories and accounts from these "aliens," I have begun to sympathize with illegal immigrants. The struggles they and their families have to go through to try and survive or be together as a whole. Reyna Wences' personal account "My Life in Shadows," of an undocumented US citizen's problems, truly opened my eyes. From the young age of nine; her mother, sister, and her packed up what they had after borrowing a large amount of money from their family to travel illegally across the border from Mexico to Arizona. They planned to meet her step-father who had originally received a work visa, and stayed after it had expired. "Even as a young girl," she knew why her family needed to be reunited in the United States. Reyna's "parents often had to choose between paying the rent and buying food.

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