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Amnesty to Illegal Immigrants

            Offering amnesty to illegal immigrants, even if they are not considered dangerous to national security is completely a bad idea. The government would be condoning and rewarding illegal activity, not to mention opening the floodgates into an already overpopulated country. U.S. unemployment and poverty rates will fly through the roof and the U.S. literacy rate would plummet. Do you think that illegal immigrants would actually be able to pay taxes? Of course not. They will be collecting welfare and food stamps just like every other person making minimum wage. Giving amnesty to illegal aliens is pointless and accomplishes nothing.
             Unemployment, already a deep issue in today's society, will be affected tremendously if illegal immigrants are granted their pardon. Statistics now show that immigrants crowd out both white and black Americans when it comes to filling new jobs. Between the years 2000 and 2002, the working-age population expanded by 7.9 million people-of whom 48 percent were immigrants (O"Sullivan). These overwhelming numbers are occurring while legal immigration is restricted and there are at least some legal risks attached to firing illegal aliens. Giving amnesty to current illegal immigrants would increase the pool of cheap labor, thus increasing the unemployment rate in the U.S. (O"Sullivan).
             If you think we are having an over-population problem now, imagine giving over one million people amnesty, to live free as U.S. citizens. Yeah that's the way to control the population. Immigration currently accounts for approximately two-thirds of the population growth in the U.S. "The Census Bureau had predicted (in its 1990 Middle Series projections) that between now and 2050, the population would grow to 328 million without immigration and to 404 million on present immigration trends-a difference of 76 million people." (O"Sullivan) That is 76 million extra people who have to be schooled, policed, and be given medical attention.

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