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Illegal Immigrants in America

            Imagine yourself poor and living in a run-down apartment complex. You live in a ghetto, where you are in constant fear for your life. You feel unsafe and insecure when you are at your home. The neighborhood you live in is controlled by violent gangs. Many of which are illegal immigrants. The gangs constantly pressure you to either join or get out of their turf. If you do not join their gang, for a fee then they give you a choice. They will offer to protect you. Without their protection there is not much chance you will survive in a place where you have must live. The unemployment check you receive to get by is about to stop coming. There is no other place for you to go. You have no money or credit to go somewhere else. You are stuck. The gang wants your money, but you have no money. So you are forced to pay them in the form of task that they need completed. They put you in the most dangerous situations and circumstances so they will continue to protect your from the other gangs in the neighborhood. The gang makes you do things that even they would not want to do. Things like simply driving a truck from point A to point B. The dangerous part of this job is what is in the trucks that you drive. Typically, you transport marijuana to different places. Sometimes you even transport harder drugs like cocaine and heroin. This is a big practice among gang related illegal immigrants. With poor border patrol it is easy for illegal immigrants to get drugs across the border and distribute it to American citizens. .
             Having a total of 20,000 border patrol agents, not all working at one time, guarding borders more than the 7,518 miles of Mexican and Canadian borders. This is all excluding Alaska and water lines. Doing all of these unsafe "missions" is putting your life in danger. Why is this happening to you? You are put in this situation because illegal immigrants are taking your job opportunities, so you have no money.

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