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The Impact of Illegal Immigrants in America

            With today's opportunities that the United States provide, more and more illegal immigrants find a way to get here to have a better future not for themselves, but for their families. But, how do these illegal immigrants come into the United States? According to Roberts, many of these illegal immigrants are instructed by "coyotes" who bring them across the river for a fee as much as $1000 to get them into the United States (2014). With thousands of immigrants flowing into the country illegally, should these illegal immigrants even be working here in the first place? Many argue that a number of these illegal immigrants coming from different parts of the world come to the United States so that they can replace local American workers. According to Illegal Immigration, a study estimated that, "20 percent of cooks, 23 percent of dishwashers, and 22 percent of maids and housekeepers, including those who work in private homes, are in the United States illegally" (2008). Nevertheless, these local Americans do not want to work these types of jobs as the wage or salary rate is just at a minimum and it won't cover their major expenses. This is because a massive amount of local Americans throughout the nation do not have a college degree since most of them either drop out of high school or they only have their high school diploma. Although illegal immigration is often considered a negative impact as Americans are being displace, these immigrants pay a major tribute towards the United States. .
             Even though many immigrants come to the United States to work undesirable jobs, many businesses would not exist without their cooperation. We, Americans need to depend on these illegal immigrants who come from Mexico, China, India, Nepal and other countries since they are willing to work any undesirable job such as a dishwasher or a busboy in businesses like restaurants. As Porter states, "The American waiters and hosts owe their jobs to the underpaid illegal immigrants in the kitchen, whose low wages allow the restaurant to exist.

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