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Apple and iOS 8

            The apple company now has 9 million developers. They use OS X (ten), IOS, and iCloud drive. With the OS X mavericks has now 51% of all users within a year. There is 40million installed. The mavericks has features for power users, advanced technologies, and new and improved apps. With the advanced technologies they have new longer battery life. The design of the OS X is a bold design of aqua. The side bars are translucent, they change colors to the background of the screen to match what color it is under. .
             The IOS had around 800 million devices: 100 million iPod touch, 200 million iPads, and 500 million iPhone. The new iOS 8 builds off of the design of the iOS 7. It had interactive notifications, and bird's eye view with safari. It has made the mail easier to work with in just one swipe of your figure. If you swipe to the right you can mark your mail as unread. If you swipe to the left a list of thing to do pop up with flag, more, trash, and if you swipe all the way to the left if will erase that email. It know has double tap so you can call your favorite people with an ease. Quixk type helps you type messages faster. It predicts what you want to say and you can just tap on the words instead of having to type them out. With group messaging you can name your thread, add and remove people you don't want or want in the message. It has a do not disturb button you can turn on and off if you don't want to get those message at that point in time, and it has where you can leave that group message with the leave thread button. It also lets you share your location through a message. You can make it where you can share your location just for that time, for an hour, or until you shut it off. Markups make it where you can circle or draw or sign right on the document. It will make your arrows or whatever you use look nice and not like you actually drew it. With the new iOS 8 they have air drop where you can be working on homework and anything on your computer but say you have to leave and what to continue on you iPad all you have to do is swipe up on your iPad and it will let you continue your work right from there without saving and have to send it through email.

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