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Ad Analysis - Citroën Automobile

            Cars are one the most important necessities a person need these days. There are many reasons as to why it is a necessity rather than a luxury. A luxurious cars are also often cheap these days with a lot of features in them. This is an ad of a Citroen car which is of 40 seconds. It tries to show how a date can go terribly wrong in just a few seconds. The ad begins with a guy taking a girl out. Once she takes the seat in the car, he starts putting coins in the slots of all the features available to access it and shows the girl all the luxuries of the car and tries his best to impress her. This definitely is more than enough to catch the attention of the audience as he shows all that put coins and a note for all the luxury. The next thing that happens is that they reach a traffic light where the luxury features start malfunctioning. And that is when the tag line comes 'DON'T PAY EXTRA FOR EXTRAS'. The Ad is taken more in a short way like how the storyline is and is appealing the viewers with its logos and pathos more than that of the ethos.
             Once the ad is viewed, it is clearly visible that the first thing the viewer will notice is the colors used to incorporate the video. Every time the man puts a coin into the slot to impress his date, you can see how the colors are used all over and in the middle his smiling face. The element in this part exudes a happy feeling which makes the viewer want to feel the same way. As the ad goes and problem happens, the viewer is forced to feel that if it was the Citroen car, this wouldn't have been the case as nobody would want to make things bad on their date. The smile at the beginning and the disappointment at the end clearly plays a huge part in the viewer's emotional side and makes him feel that if he was to buy a car, he could buy a car that has all those features.
             The beginning of the ad has a subtle pathos that shows the need for the guy to impress his date while courting her without revealing too much and making her comfortable in all the way possible.

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