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WWII Hero - Oskar Schindler

            Imagine a man who lies, cheats, gambles, and drinks. Now imagine the same man saving thousands of innocent lives. Imagine a man who was once known as selfish, risking his own life to save others. A man who was well-known and well-liked sent to jail for a group who were being persecuted. It would be hard to believe that this liar, cheater, gambler, drunkard and self centered man rolled into one would save lives, right? Well there is a man who actually did all that. Clearly, Oskar Schindler had a very positive impact on the Holocaust because he saved more than 1000 lives during World War 2 by risking his own life and losing all his money. First, I will consider how Oskar's childhood played a part in his involvement in the Holocaust. Then, I will discuss events that lead up to his involvement in the Holocaust. Finally, I will explain what positive contributions he had during the Holocaust.
             To begin, Oskar's childhood and upbringing was significant. According to Roberts, the first significant piece of background was " Oskar was born to a fairly well off family. His father owned a factory that was doing really well when Oskar was born"(8). This is significant because Oskar grew up with whatever he wanted. He was never left wanting anything. Also, " As a teenager, he raced against professional drivers. He was also known as a carefree party lover and a future business man" (11, Roberts). This detail is significant because it foretells what's to happen in the future. It says that Oskar was a future business man and when he became one he saved lives. Finally, according to Roberts, Oskar grew up with Jews.(10). This should be noted because although there weren't many he still was interactive with them. So therefore he did not have a problem with Jews in his younger life, so he didn't have a problem helping them later on.
             Moving closer to the events of the Holocaust, the following events directly led to his involvement in the Holocaust.

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