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oskar shinler

             Many great things have happened in the course of ones life that will define the round sphere of reality that the person has placed on each person. In an act of bravery, resilience and love, a young man, named Oskar Schindler went against all odds to save an amazing 1100 Jews from a certain, horrifying death. With a personality that befriends the Nazi party, and distrusts his allies, Oskar made a list, with Iskar Stern, his accountant of all the names of the people he would need in his munitions factory. Many who survived paid witness to the amazing turn of events, but many however, did not listen. Oskar seemed to be lost in time, with no recognition for his work. It wasn't until in 1980 when a phone call stall and a brief case raised Schindler from the dead, and made known the amazing rescue. Thomas Keneally visited a luggage store in Beverly Hills, California. There, while he was waiting for a phone call and the price of the baggage he asked for, he became the author of the book, Schindler's List. The shop belonged to Leopold Pfefferberg, a Schindler survivor. While Oskar was waiting for the phone, he gave the author the entire account what Oskar did, and his background. After he left the store, Thomas knew that he had to publ .
             In a time of fear, horror, and humility, where everything is lost and nothing is to gain, there remains one element that keeps a person alive. Hope. Schindler's List tells a tale of one man's cunning and determined attempts to give that feeling of hope back to the victims, themselves, the Jews. Presumably the most moving and poignant scene of Schindler's List was the conclusion of the film. The movie ends as members of the Jewish family lay stones on the gravestone of Oskar Schindler. It not only specifies the tremendous numbers of people murdered in this time period, but portrays the treasuring and affection given to Oscar Schindler for freeing over a thousand victims of Nazi punishment.

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