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             America very early on, was conceived of and regarded as a place.
             where people could live in relative freedom. People would often.
             make long and dangerous voyages to a colony so that they may.
             worship in the way they desired, without persecution of a monarch.
             or country. With so many different peoples and many different.
             cultures wanting a piece of the new world, colonies quickly.
             became vast multicultural hubs. Each major colony is guaranteed.
             to have many cultures and ethnicities, which brought with them.
             many qualities. Even with the different people working and.
             interacting day to day, the cultures did not vanish. The people.
             were able to keep their distinct and proud heritage alive, while.
             they contributed to the growth of a new culture.
             New Netherland is the first important European colony of New.
             England. The colony was originally settled by the Dutch, but.
             later came under British rule. The Dutch made many expeditions.
             in search of a northwest passage to the East, but instead found.
             themselves making many trips into present day New England. Peter.
             Minuit purchased Manhattan Island from the Manhate Indians and.
             began to settle colonists. The settlement was named New.
             Netherland, after the homeland of most of the settlers. New.
             Netherland was settled primarily by, "religious dissenters and.
             immigrants from Holland, Sweden, France, Germany, and.
             elsewhere. (American Promise 92)." In 1664 New Netherland came.
             under British rule and was renamed New York, after Charles II.
             brother, the Duke of York. The original colonist of New.
             Netherlands never gave up their cultures and refused to fully.
             assimilate to the English way of life.
             Another immigration movement was that of the Quakers. The.
             Quakers were a people whose ideals and attitudes were very.
             attractive to the people of Europe in the 1700's. However,.
             European governments thought they were nothing more than some.
             other brooding menace to be dealt with, and the British crown.

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