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Assessing Student Learning

            Throughout all of our years of schooling, we have always been assessed: whether it was taking a test for a lesson you learned that week, or taking the SATs to try to get into the college of your dreams, or even taking the same old Standardized Testing we had to do at the end of the year until we graduated from high school. Assessments help teachers and the schools to see how well you are doing in your classes and what are the areas that need to be worked on. There are three different types of assessment; assessment OF learning, assessment FOR learning, and assessment AS learning. Assessment OF learning is to inform parents or other student's proficiency in relation to curriculum learning course. The teacher's role is to give clear, detailed learning expectations and give fair and accurate summative reporting. The stakeholder is the student's parents. Assessment FOR learning enables teachers to determine the next steps in advancing student learning. The teacher's role is to ensure students with accuracy and consistency of observations and interpretations of student learning. The stakeholder is the teacher. Assessment AS learning is to guide and provide opportunities for each student to monitor and critically reflect on his/her learning and identify the next steps. The teacher's role is to ensure student engagement with regard to considering and challenging his/her thinking. Teachers must also ensure they students record their own learning. The stakeholder is the student. .
             Standard 5.2 states that teachers must collect and analyze data from a variety of sources to inform instruction. This standard uses assessment FOR learning because it has the teacher assessing the student to see what areas need to be worked on more or to get a feel of where the students stand in terms of the learning outcomes. Standard 5.4 also ties in with standard 5.2 and using assessment FOR learning. It states that teacher must use data to establish goals and to plan and modify instruction.

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