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Becoming an Aerospace Engineer

            Aerospace engineers are people who direct and coordinate the design, manufacture, and testing of aircraft and aerospace products. In this field most jobs deal with aircraft and aerospace products. They can also test prototypes of new products. Aerospace engineering is divided into two branches aeronautical and astronautical. Aeronautics deals with aircraft that operate in Earths Atmosphere, and astronautics deals with spacecraft that operate outside the Earth's atmosphere. Being an aerospace engineer deals greatly with aerodynamic properties and behaviors. There are also any other elements to aerospace engineering. To become an engineer you will need excellent maths skills, the ability to solve problems and a methodical approach to work.
             People who work in the aerospace engineering field have many choices on where they can work. There are aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers, and more. THe major companies are Boeing, Airbus, GE, and Rolls-Royce. At these companies an aerospace engineer would design engines and fuselages. Somebody working is this position would usually earn around $104,000 a year, which translates into $50 an hour. Workers in this field need to have skills in aerodynamics and need to know the best way to build things for fuel efficiency and the best way to carry cargo. It is very important that this be done well. .
             There are multiple schools one can go to to learn to be a aerospace engineer. The best rated school that one could go to is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Other schools are Standford, University of Michigan, Purdue, and University of Illinois. MIT costs around $43,000 a year for the aerospace program and can go for more than 4 years. If you plan to get to these schools you should take a lot of math and engineering courses in high school to have a good chance to get into these schools. Math is a very big part in aerodynamics like calculus, and algebra.

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