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You Don't Need a College Education

            Many think that a college degree is the single most important thing you need in order to make it in this world. I have seen and met a multitude of people that don't have a degree and are making a better living then the average American with a four year degree. Yes, I know that knowledge is power, but in our current world, all that matter's is, "who is wealthy" and "who has the nice luxury house and cars". I don't see a degree flaunted every time I meet a wealthy person, but rather a business man or women with no degree running a very successful business. .
             One of the biggest reasons why some might think twice about getting a higher education is because of the crippling student debt that will come after graduation. A lot of people, more than 80 percent of students, walk away with a four year degree, but with $60,000 to $80,000 in student loans. A hefty price the average American has to pay for a "higher education". With a four year degree, a student is left handcuffed for 30 to 40 years of loan payment plans. One would think that "Hey, if I'm going to go into debt then why not pick up a loan and invest in a business where I will be making money in a few short months rather then waiting half a decade." Repaying a student loan is just.
             like paying a second mortgage, whereas when you invest money you can start repaying your loan immediately. Even though you have just opened business, you are making enough money consistently. .
             Another big down fall to getting a higher education is that you have to put your personal life on hold for numerous amount of years. Who wants to begin a family or even get married with a shit load of debt to repay back? I wouldn't! A lot of students after graduation go straight to work and want to pay off their loans before even considering the idea of a "significant other". Many look for someone as a partner that is financially more stable then they are so they can equally harbor the burden.

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