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Divorce Case Summary

            The court has abbreviated both parties names "[i]n order to protect them against adverse publicity flowing from this litigation. Therefore, the names of the parties shall not be disclosed in the citation of the case" (1). This is for the protection of both parties, that lies in the constitution that the parties have the full rights not to have their full names exposed in a case report that will be filed by the public. This is to keep their privacy on a less controversial scale so that the public is not tempted to write stories about the following parties to publicize. This is to avoid media conflict between the court and the media. .
             Delict means when one purposely does something to spite the opposing party in a dispute. In this case report, the plaintiff was not aware of the situation that had deteriorated his marriage, which he later concludes that his wife left him for the defendant. In that case the plaintiff states that Ms. H did this out of enticement to speed the process of the divorce whilst she was being romantically involved with the defendant for quite some time after she had moved out of her common home because of the terrible state that her marriage had turned into by the year March 2010.
             In the following context contumelia is defined as being an insult or injury caused to the party. In this case report this is explained to the breaking down or the undermining of one's self-esteem to an extent where it is taken as an insult that resulted to an injury that was deliberately committed by the opposing party. The case states "although he claimed damages under the two headings of contumelia (i.e. insult or injury to his self-esteem)" (2). The plaintiff states that Ms. H committed contumelia because of her actions during the divorce. As he was trying to hard to rebuild the relationship, Ms. H had decided that it was too late for the marriage to work after the incident where the plaintiff disregarded her when she felt ill and needed to be taken to the hospital to the point where Ms.

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