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Argumentative Essay - Customer Service Complaints

            Now, customers carry a wonderful and strong weapon, which can easily make an influence on the companies and their service in different industries that is called complaints. Complaints can be seen from the various points of view. Negative feedback about the organization leads to the damage of its overall image and as a consequence, customers stop being interested in the particular company. On the other hand, positive feedback could create customer reliability and trust. So, it can be seen that complaints have an important impact on the quality of service offered by the organizations. In this essay different views on the complaints handling will be described and the conclusion will be drawn at the end. .
             To start with, a complaint given by the customer can help to discover weak points inside the company. However, in Dr. Dina Metwally's research (Metwally, 2013) it was stated that there are effective and ineffective ways to handle the complaints. The successful way to be in charge of the guest complaint is not just finding a solution, but also bringing together the information about the particular situation, proceeding it and taking actions in order to prevent the issue in the organization. With the help of these steps, the chances of the same problem's occurrence is minimized or even eliminated. Moreover, another advantage of successful complaint handling is saving undesirable costs. For example, due to the negative feedback the loss of the guests can appear and as a result, the profit of the company will start to decline and the organization needs to spend more money on the advertising as to attract new customers. Taking this into consideration, it is crucial for the organization to look after their faithful guests. .
             The process of dealing with guests' complaints can be accepted as a real and important part of service suggested to the client. Hence, in the exploration article "Customer evaluation of complaint handling in the Dutch health insurance market" (Wendel, De Jong, & Curfs, 2011) medical employees accentuate the significance of being in charge of negative complaints as a crucial part of the service, which is provided.

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