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Customer Service - Compare and Contrast

            Customer service is described as the act of taking care of a customer's needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high-quality service and assistance before, during and after the customer's requirements are met. But, like anything in this world, there are two sides to customer service the good and the bad. .
             Good customer service consists of promptness, politeness, professionalism, and personalization. Promptness is being on time and efficient. Customers want there products on time and done in a rapid manner. No one likes waiting long periods of time for a product. By being prompt you can almost guarantee that your customers are going to be highly satisfied with there customer service experience. Politeness is using pleasant manners and a positive attitude to create an excellent customer service experience. Saying things such as 'hello,' 'good afternoon,' 'how many help you today,' 'please,' 'thank you very much,' and 'have a wonderful day' not only uses pleasant manners but also shows that you have a positive attitude. Being polite can be the difference between ok customer service and great customer service. Professionalism is to act in a manner in which skill, good judgment, and polite behavior is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well. Professionalism in customer service makes the customer feel they are cared for and puts them on the higher level than you so they are not to feel judged by anyone or anything for whom they are. Personalization is making the customers feel like they are apart of something. Using the customer's name is very effective in producing loyalty. By using the customer's name you have made them feel like you know them on a personal level and by doing that they feel like they make a difference and they are apart of something and they are more likely to use your products or services again. By being prompt, polite, professional, and personal you can guarantee good customer service far beyond customer expectations.

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