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Organizational Behavior

            In today's society organizational functions are used by businesses in order to perform and provide services to meet their consumers " needs. The way that organizations are conducted shape the customers " expectations and how they behave within the organization. Restaurants and service establishments in particular have a unique combination of characteristics that contribute to their overall atmosphere and culture. Piper's Pub is an example of a local establishment that is a privately owned restaurant and bar establishment located on 33 College Street, Antigonish, NS. Piper's has an ideal location and maintains a positive economic and social involvement within the community. As a small business the success depends completely upon the individuals employed, and the culture that they promote. This culture is perceived through the different paradigms that exist within the organization, particularly for the purpose of this paper that of the radical and feminist paradigms to expose the differences in daytime and nighttime culture of this unique culture. Through personal observation we were able to look at both the day and night cultures that exist at Piper's Pub and were able to retrieve information from the internet and different academic sources. .
             Piper's Pub has a rather unique culture relative to the majority of other businesses in Antigonish. This is primarily due to the fact that they are a restaurant during the day, yet they also have a thriving nightlife which have very differentiated cultures. These different cultures will be illustrated through looking through multiple paradigms that are present within organizational behavior, those being radical and feminist.
             In order to properly contrast the differences the research will look at the restaurant culture during the day and the pub culture during the night. During day hours Piper's is maintains a relaxed and quite atmosphere with the primary consumer being the residents of Antigonish over the student populous.

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